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Whether with the straight ahead driving rock rhythms of Misfit Moon Blues and Rejected Princess, or the swinging, lilting Tomboy in Blue, Martin addresses issues of sexuality, gender identity, and acceptance in an upfront manner while still using wonderful imagery. Binary Code questions the lines of sexual perception to a driving up-tempo pulse reminiscent of 80’s Brit pop with an edgy vocal style with hints of Chrissie Hynde and PJ Harvey, and then Martin eases into the gentle flow of Nature’s Calamity with softer melodic passages with a warm vulnerability. Paper Doll playfully uses a 50’s style progression for the idealistic verses, and then drops to an edgy rock feel for the chorus which sheds the childhood messages and paper doll clothing to claim her/their true self.


Photos by Ben Barnhart,

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“A punk rock Joan Baez”
“Lyrics that blend like Patti Smith meets David Bowie”

Jess Martin’s songwriting expresses the intersection of her many lived experiences: Queer artist, Texas-raised liberal, transplanted New Englander and former ex-pat. 

Jess Martin's gender-defiant stories create a soundscape of bluesy-punk mixed with soulful Southern-Baptist roots. Her/their songs generate a cinematic backdrop of rich images and unexpected poetry. With roller-coaster energy, her/their performance invites the audience along for the ride.

Origin Story

A founding members & producer of the Boston-based Queer Soup Theater, Martin spent 10+ years creating theatrical productions on the queer experience.

While living overseas in Denmark, she/they trained with a Swedish Jazz Drummer,

Lasse Ehn, exploring musicality on the drum-set, and pursued vocal training with Swiss ex-pat Albin Hagmayer on the Complete Vocal Technique. “Having the opportunity to live & work in another country pushed me artistically. Copenhagen gave me the chance to evolve my creative life,” says Martin.

Returning to the US in late 2016, Jess continued vocal work  with Celia Miller. “Being new to the area, I sought to connect to the vibrant local music scene,” Martin says. “Performing in Celia's showcases at the Parlor Room, Progression Brewery and more, lit the spark to pursue more.” 

Martin Produces Debut EP "Misfit"

Now a regular in front of audiences across New England, Martin continues to push the boundaries of how stories are told. On her/their debut EP, Misfit, Martin presents a series of 6 original songs that explore gender identity, queerness and empowerment. Produced & mixed at Jopey Studios by Joe Fitzpatrick in Belchertown, Fitzpatrick produced layers of instrumentation and introduced live drum tracks that weave an intense drive and evocative atmosphere to Martin’s songs. 

What audiences are saying:

“Misfit Moon Blues [title track] grabs your attention and pulls you in for the ride.”

“Nature’s Calamity holds a powerful space, and emotionally grabs me every time.”


Drawing Board Brewing Company, Florence, MA; Pioneer Valley Brewing, Turners Falls; New City Brewery, Easthampton; Great Awakening Brewing Company, Westfield; Luthier's Coop, Easthampton; Fort Hill Brewery, Easthampton; The Voo, Turners Falls; Lost Towns Brewery, Gilbertville; Easthampton Farmers' Market; Four Star Farms Brewery, Northfield; O's Music Bar (Original Songwriter Showcase), Sunderland; Schwemm's Pub, Amherst.

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